Bored of old traditional meeting ideas to make you feel even more lethargic than ever? Creative virtual event ideas come with a one-stop solution for all the requirements related to audience engagement. It is the new normal for social events to be held virtually without actually appearing in the event. The strong influence of virtual events with their ability to bond laughs and feel joyful with each other is thus one of the bright spots of hosting these events.

There are numerous virtual event service providers who offer highly customizable options to go with for the creation of highly engaging and personalized virtual event sessions.

Virtual Events- At A Glance

Virtual events are basically a gathering that takes place in a virtual space involving a group of people to interact, share information and work together as a sing unit if working for a company.

Hosting these events can work as a win-win situation for the event planners as it enables them to track data of the audience,  increase revenue options, and promote their brands exclusively.

These events usually take place on online platforms like - Instagram, Facebook, etc. where the audience can be easily connected by the means of audio & video features. As hosting these events is a pocket-friendly option, small business enterprises also get a fair chance to compete in the market.

Different Types of Virtual Events 

As with the increase in demand for online event solutions, lots of companies started providing customizable solutions for event planners. Some of these types of virtual events have been described below- 

  • Virtual Networking Events
  • Virtual Hiring Events
  • Virtual Shopping Events
  • Virtual Fundraisers
  • Virtual Team Building Events

Top Virtual Event Service Providers

As you had a clear idea of the virtual events and their different types, let's discuss some of the most popular service providers and services offered by them 


  • With more than 10 years of experience in the field of event solutions and more than 1000+ satisfied customers, Dreamcast is the most trusted brand when it comes to hosting virtual events 
  • With its astonishing features like virtual job fair services Dreamcast provides endless opportunities to host your event just the way you wanted to.
  • With its top not customization options, fun gamification, event hotspots, etc. Dreamcast has a lot more to offer.


  • If you are looking for an in-depth report for each of your activities, then this platform brings out the most of it.
  • With hoppier, one can send virtual cards and easily set the smart time for vendor restrictions.
  • It has the feature of sending unspent money back to your linked bank accounts.


  • Aventri provides free webinar training for better customer engagement across a wider range of topics.
  • Though its event management software is not updated with the current changes in the trend.
  • It offers a scalability feature that is loved by the event organizers and much more when it comes to virtual fair software.

Top 10 Easy & Quick Virtual Event Ideas

Below are some quick DIY virtual event ideas which can improve audience engagement and are helpful in making it more interactive - 

Real-Time Illustration

This technique is more often called “digital live scribing”. It is a great way to deliver unique content to the targeted audience. These illustrators work live and create artwork of all the information provided by the experts in the form of graphs or infographics. These can also be used in the marketing of futuristic products.

Organizing Live Games

This is one of the best ways to feature your sponsors and provide interactive demo sessions with a large audience getting involved. This can also let people land on the social media platform pages for the winner's announcements and thus ultimately driving traffic to your website.

Hosting Virtual Concerts

It is not necessary always to go for in-person events after buying tickets for the event. Well, not in the case of virtual concerts. With its live performance features, we can listen to our favorite singer just sitting at home in our comfortable place. With lots of entertainment options to choose from this is by far the best choice because of better audience engagement.

Keynote Speakers 

As content is king when it comes to hosting virtual events. Having a good keynote speaker who can attract the audience with his keynotes is an attractive idea for a large number of registrations.

Offering on-Demand Content

This technique is for those who want to give every facility to their audience. Starting from hosting live streaming sessions, to providing on-demand webinars everything works in favor of attracting large audience engagement.

Delivering Online Lectures While Hosting Virtually

This offers a great chance for the attendees to learn while attending your live event. Providing proper instructions to them and information on the ongoing current trends of the industry can really help them to have a good understanding of the topic. This works as a good learning tool in a flexible environment.

Short Sessions 

Distraction is the major drawback when it comes to hosting virtual sessions. Long sessions might reduce audience engagement. Keep your sessions short and sweet while providing all the necessary information in one go. It will not only increase your audience engagement but also popularize you as a good engaging speaker.

Virtual Team Building Activity

Virtual teamwork comes with lots of new challenges, possibilities and at the same time, emotional connection with the team and partners included. Without going into much detail as we had discussed earlier, enhancing team-building practices can works in favor of your event being successful.

Organizing Game Show Sessions 

These events consist of hosts who explain the rules and monitor the session throughout the ongoing event. Game mechanics are challenging and involves the active participation of each of the team members.

Try To Fulfill Attendee Requirements

If all the basic necessary requirements of the attendee are being fulfilled then chances are higher for your session to have a wider reach. Some of the most common requirements are - scheduling of the event, on-demand content, enhancement, and precise notes for quick understanding.


COVID pandemic had changed a lot of things for the event industry. Virtual events gradually yet constantly gearing towards being an integral part of event management services. With all types of customizable options to choose from a wide range of events such as - webcasts, hybrid seminars, virtual trade fair platforms, etc. virtual events have tremendous potential to explore.

These event planning ideas can help you capitalize on your goal with better audience reach and maximum potential customers.